Sectigo PositiveSSL (Formerly Comodo)

$1.33 USD

- Single domain validated, 2048-bit industry standard SSL certificate
- Hassle-free SSL certificate issuance 24/7
- Unlimited server licenses
- Automated domain validation - no paperwork
- Strong 256-bit encryption strength
- FREE PositiveSSL site seal (dynamic)
- Unlimited re-issuance during the certificate's lifetime
- Comes with a $10,000 warranty
- Instant issuance (minutes)
- Can secure a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Sectigo Essential SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$3.50 USD

- Secures both WWW and non-WWW domain
- 2048-bit Industry Standard Domain Validated SSL certificate
- Issued instantly within minutes and hassle-free round-the-clock
- Secure online transactions & your customers’ sensitive information
- Unlimited server licenses
- Paperless automated validation
- Free Comodo Secured Site Seal (dynamic)
- Unlimited reissues for the lifetime of the product
- 99.9% Web and Mobile Browsers Compatibility
- $10,000 Relying Party Warranty

Sectigo Positive Multi-Domain SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$3.83 USD

-Secure one Main Domain & Two Additional Domains
-Includes 2 additional SAN’s with your purchase
-Secure up to 250 Domains with Additional SAN Purchases
-Saves lots of time by managing several certificates in one
-Save money by replacing several different certificates with this streamlined solution
-99.9% web and mobile browser compatibility
-Encryption Strength of 128/256-bit
-Automated Domain Validation (DV) for quick issuance
-Round-the-clock Comodo customer service to handle users' queries
-Unlimited server licenses
-Unlimited certificate re-issuance for the lifetime of the cert
-Comes with a $10,000 warranty

Sectigo Instant SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$5.00 USD

-Full Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate
-2048-bit signature key
-Trusted by mobile devices
-Recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers
-Unlimited re-issuance policy
-FREE Comodo Secure site seal
-Dynamic seal has 'Point-to-Verify' technology to quickly show you’re legitimate and secure
-Comes with a $50,000 Warranty
-128/256-bit encryption length
-24/7 technical support

Sectigo InstantSSL Pro (Formerly Comodo)

$6.33 USD

-Full Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate
-Strongest 2048-bit Industry standard SSL certificate
-Trusted by all mobile devices
-Recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers
-Comes with a $100,000 warranty
-Email and web support
-FREE Comodo Secure Site Seal
-Unlimited re-issuance policy
-128/256-bit encryption strength
-24/7 Technical support

Sectigo Instant Premium SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$9.17 USD

-Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate
-2048-bit industry standard SSL
-Unlimited server licenses
-99.9% web and mobile browsers coverage
-Unlimited re-issuance policy
-Certificate issuance within 1-3 Days
-FREE Comodo Secure site seal
-128/256-bit encryption length
-24/7 technical support
-Comes with a $250,000 Warranty

Sectigo SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$9.67 USD

-Fast online issuance without tedious paperwork and long delays
-2048-bit digital signatures and up to 256-bit encryption–the ultimate in SSL security–come standard
-Quick issuance within 10 minutes
-Reach the most potential customers possible with 99.9% web and mobile browsers recognition
-Show that your site is encrypted with an instantly visible site seal
-Licensed for unlimited servers
-Protects both and
-24/7 SSL Certificate Support Through Ticket System
-$250,000 Relying Party Warranty
-Upgrade to EV SSL for free during the first year

Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard (Formerly Comodo)

$12.17 USD

-A Single Certificate secures unlimited sub-domains
-Hassle-free SSL certificate issuance 24/7
-Domain Validated (DV) certificate
-Can be issued within minutes
-FREE Comodo Secured site seal
-Unlimited reissuances for the lifespan of the certificate
-2048-bit industry standard certificate with 256-bit encryption strength
-Comes with a $10,000 warranty
-Recognized by 99.9% mobile & web browsers

Sectigo Essential SSL Wildcard (Formerly Comodo)

$13.83 USD

-A single certificate protects multiple Sub-Domains
-It's a Domain Validated Wildcard certificate
-2048-bit signature key
-Trusted by 99.9% popular web and mobile browsers
-128/256-bit encryption strength
-Great tech support
-Unlimited reissuances for the lifespan of the certificate
-Unlocks the Comodo Secure site seal
-Quick Issuance and easy installation
-Comes with a $10,000 warranty

Sectigo Code Signing (Formerly Comodo)

$13.83 USD

-Give your customers peace of mind that the integrity of your code has not been compromised.
-With Digital IDs your customers can confirm you are the author. Plus, they'll be able to contact you if they have questions or issues. There's no better way to protect your reputation.
-Most browsers won't allow action commands from downloaded code without a Digital ID and signature from a trusted Certificate Authority like Comodo.
-Code signing certificates are user-friendly along with the tools used to create products, macros and objects.
-Digitally signs Microsoft 32-bit/64-bit .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab files and kernel mode software
-Secures Java, Microsoft VBA, Microsoft Office Documents & Software
-Allows to Sign Mobile Platforms such as Apple, Android, Windows Mobile
-Allows to Sign Desktop Platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe & Brew
-Round-the-clock 24/7 email support
-Makes sure your active content or code can't be tampered with Unlimited signing with a valid code signing certificate

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center (Formerly Comodo)

$14.17 USD

-Free PCI Scan–Valid for 90 days and lets merchants comply with PCI requirements for free
-PCI Scan Compliancy Service–On-demand security auditing service that delivers PCI Scan compliance reports and Payment Credential CVC at no charge
-Issuance within 1-3 Days
-Daily PCI compliance reports
-Unlimited scanning feature
-On Demand scan scheduling process
-Automatic Report generation
-Scalable from up to 1 to 10000 IP address

Sectigo EV SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$16.00 USD

-Full-Business Validation to prove you're legitimate
-2048-bit conventional EV SSL Certificate
-Unlimited server licenses
-Activates the Green Address Bar
-Displays your company name & location as verified by Comodo
-Dynamic Comodo Secure Site Seal
-99.9% Web & Mobile browser protection
-128/256-bit encryption length
-24/7 Technical SSL Support
-$1,750,000 relying party warranty

Sectigo Domain Validated UCC SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$19.83 USD

-Domain Validated (DV) Unified Communication Certificate
-Encryption strength up to 256-bit
-SAN (Subject Alternative Name) support to secure multiple domains with one solution
-Paper-free quick verification process
-Supported by Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 and higher
-Compatible with 99.9% of current web and mobile browsers
-24/7 SSL Certificate support through Ticket System
-Comes with a $25,000 warranty
-2 Free SAN Certificates included

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

$21.50 USD

-Full business validated certificate
-Protect as many as 250 unique fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) on the same server
-More affordable than buying multiple certificates
-Simplifies certificate management
-Trusted by more than 99% of browsers
-2 Free SANs included
-128/256-bit encryption strength
-Eliminates browser notifications
-Builds customer trust and confidence

Sectigo Unified Communications (Formerly Comodo)

$21.67 USD

-Full business validated SSL certificate
-Most trusted 2048-bit SSL certificate
-Trusted by more than 99.9% of major web and mobile browsers
-Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control for security of multiple domain names
-Supported by MS Exchange Server 2010 & higher
-Supported by Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007
-2 SANs included
-Unlimited server licenses
-Unlimited re-issuance policy
-128/256-bit encryption strength
-From one of Microsoft's three official UCC vendors
-Multiple domain name SSL protection with a single certificate
-24/7 technical support

Sectigo PremiumSSL Wildcard (Formerly Comodo)

$21.67 USD

-Just one SSL certificate is all you need to secure multiple sub-domains
-Full business validated certificate
-2048-bit root keys
-Trusted by all popular browsers
99.9% web and mobile browsers compatibility
-$250,000 warranty
-128/256-bit encryption length
-Clickable Comodo Secure Site Seal
-Unlimited re-issuance policy
-24/7 technical support available

Sectigo SSL Wildcard (Formerly Comodo)

$29.67 USD

-One certificate protects unlimited sub-domains so you'll save money and time
-Get your Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate in minutes, online, without the hassle of paperwork and frustrating delays
-The ultimate levels of SSL security including 2048-bit digital signatures and up to 256-bit encryption come standard
-Managing and securing multiple sub-domains is easier than ever
-Gain trust and increase conversions with the visible site seal
-Expand your reach through 99.9% browser recognition
-Peace of mind with our 15-days refund policies
-Protects unlimited sub-domains on unlimited servers
-Expert phone, mail and web support
-$250,000 Relying Party Warranty

Sectigo Elite SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$29.83 USD

-Complete Business Authentication
-SSL industry standard encryption strength 128 bit to 256bit
-Secures a Fully Qualified Domain Name
-Unlimited Server License
-Issuance between 1-3 Days
-99.99% web browsers compatibility
-Dynamic Comodo Secure Site Seal
-Unlimited free reissues
-$500,000 Warranty
-HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan

Sectigo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard (Formerly Comodo)

$28.17 USD

-Strong encryption with 2048-bit digital signatures and encryption strength of 256-bit
-Simplified procedure of securing multiple sub-domains with just one certificate
-Secures up to 250 Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) and their subdomains
-Saves time and money by streamlining the process of protecting multiple sub-domains
-Policy of unlimited re-issuance
-99.9% compatibility with mobile and web-browsers
-3 domain names already included with the certificate
-Unlimited server licenses
-Domain Validated (DV) certificates
-$10,000 warranty
-24/7 SSL Certificate Support Through Ticket System

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$38.67 USD

-Full business authentication certificate
-Industry standard 2048-bit SSL Certificate
-Comes with a $1,750,000 warranty
-Activates the green address bar with organization name
-Free COMODO Static Trust Seal
-SAN support to secure multiple domains
-Usually takes between 1-5 Days
-SSL Installation checker access
-99.9% web and mobile browsers recognition
-Encryption capabilities ranging from 128-bit to 256-bit
-Unlimited server licenses

Sectigo PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition (Formerly Comodo)

$44.83 USD

-Easy scanning of multiple networks and servers
-Enable unlimited scans for up to 20 internal and external IP addresses
-Features internal vulnerability scanning over the cloud
-Measures vulnerabilities and weak spots on web servers and provides detailed reports
-Quick access and easy control over the entire suite of over 30,000+ vulnerability tests
-On-demand unlimited scheduling of scans
-Detailed reporting and on-demand audit features
-A complete scan package for enterprise-level businesses

Sectigo Unified Communication Wildcard Certificate (Formerly Comodo)

$48.17 USD
  • -Streamlines the process of certificate management just a single certificate ably supports multiple domain names, host names and applications

-Encryption strength of 256-bit/2048-bit root
-Effective SSL-support for MS Exchange and MS Office Communications Server
-Full business validation SSL Certificate
-3 domain names already included
-Highly trusted by 99.9% of major web-browsers and e-mail clients
-SAN-supported certificates to secure multiple fully qualified domains
-Supports Microsoft Exchange's service of Auto discover, a new capability for MS Exchange users that eases client administration
-No fee for re-issuances
-24/7 SSL Certificate support through Ticket System

Sectigo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL (Formerly Comodo)

$53.17 USD

-Time-saving and economical solution that can secure unlimited sub-domains with a single certificate
-As many as 100 additional domains can be added
-3 domain names already included, along with all of their subdomains
-Quick Issuance period of between 1-3 Days
-Strong encryption capability of 128-256-bit
-99.9% web and mobile browser ubiquity
-Easily installed on different IPs
-Beneficial tools available for users' convenience like 'Installation Checker'
-Full business authentication
-Unlimited, free licensing for installing on multiple servers
-Free re-issuing policy
-24/7 SSL Certificate Support Through Ticket System

Sectigo HackerProof Trust Mark including Daily Vulnerability Scan (Formerly Comodo)

$88.17 USD

-The supreme Trust Mark that includes one-of-a-kind technology to build immediate, visual trust with online visitors–all from the world's industry leader when it comes to online security
-Daily vulnerability scanning to alert you of security gaps and give visitors peace of mind that your site is up to par with HackerProof's Trust Mark standards
-Automated business intelligence that analyzes your visitors’ use is accessible via a user-friendly web-based management tool
-Site inspector tool for PCI Compliance Checking
-Scanning process creates detailed reports
-Daily background scanning feature